Wood & Sons

Wood & Sons
Price: $349.00 / Ton Delivered in Maine and New Hampshire

Wood & Sons Pellets is a brand new product to the pellet industry starting in 2019. Fresh out of the gate customers all over the state are raving about how well they burn! Made out of 100% Eastern White pine along with the latest pellet machinery & a group of very smart and talented individuals what makes this product better than most.

Wood & Sons Mission - "Our Mission is to produce the highest quality renewable heating fuel possible. Quality and consistency make it easier for every home to heat with pellets - and get off oil! We are committed to Maine, and to doing the job right. Our modern, clean, efficient production facility will play an important role in the continuing renewable heating revolution."


To be considered a Super Premium product the pellet has to meet certain test requirements.

  • Pellet Durability - Greater Than 96.5
  • Fines - Less than .5%
  • Pellet Length - Less than 1 Inch 
  • Moisture Content Less than 8.0
  • BTU Value N/A


  • Ash Content - .5% - .25%
  • BTU Value (Heat Content) 8700
  • Fines - Less Than .50
  • Moisture Content - 5.0
  • Pellet Length 1/4" - 1/2"

We Deliver these pellets through the state of Maine in 50 40lb bags