UpCountry Pellets

UpCountry Pellets
Price: $269.00 / Ton Delivered in Maine and New Hampshire

Upcountry wood pellets are sourced locally here in Maine using only high quality raw materials giving you a very high quality burn. Engineered special for Wood Pellet Warehouse we have added just a splash of softwood to give a hotter cleaner burning then the majority of hardwoods on the market today. A major factor in the cost of the wood pellets you burn is the transportation cost from the woods to the mill to your stove. Because Upcountry wood pellets are made locally we are able to keep the price per ton less expensive to most other products.

Upcountry Wood Pellets Exceed All Premium Certified Test

The Pellet Fuel Institution (PFI) requires all pellets labeled as such to meet these requirements:

  • Pellet Durability – Greater than 96.5
  • Fines – Less than .50
  • Ash Content – less than 1%
  • Pellet Length – Less than 1 inch
  • Moisture Content Less than 8.0
  • BTU Value N/A

Upcountry Wood Pellets Testing
Ash Content – Less than 1% (Must recent testing  0.5%)
BTU Value (Heat Content) 8800
Moisture 5.0
Pellet Length ¼ to 1inch