Hardwood Mix

$349.00 / Ton Delivered in Maine and New Hampshire

Energex Wood Pellets made near Lac-Megantic have been a good quality wood pellet for many years. As a premium certified pellet they meet or exceed all PFI standards. A little different from most mixed pallets as these are 60% softwood and 40% hardwood mix. This mix allows the pellets to burn cleaner and give off a more heat than most other premium grade blends.

Maine Woods
$319.00 / Ton Delivered in Maine and New Hampshire

The BEST made in Maine wood pellets produced right in our home state! The majority of this product is made up of hardwood (primarily maple & yellow birch) while the remainder is a softwood (fir and pine). As we tell all our customers, the reason the product is produced with softwood is to allow the product to burn hotter and cleaner.

Super Sack
$349.00 / Ton Delivered in Maine and New Hampshire

Tired of handling bags up and down stairs and through your house? Check these out! Each Super Sack contains loose pellets. Have them delivered into your garage and scoop them out into a bucket or pale for easier carrying and less waste! When you are done with the sacks use them around the house or return them for a $10.00 credit! The super sacks are considered a mixed product.