Energex Softwood Mix Pellets


For delivery in Maine

$289.00 per ton delivered 

For Delivery in New Hampshire 
  • Add $10 per ton for 10+ tons
  • Add $15 per ton for 6+ tons
  • Add $25 per ton for 3+ tons
  • Add $45 per ton for 2 tons

Energex Wood Pellets made near Lac-Megantic have been a good quality wood pellet for many years. As a premium certified pellet they meet or exceed all PFI standards. A little different from most mixed pallets as these are 60% softwood and 40% hardwood mix. This mix allows the pellets to burn cleaner and give off a more heat than most other premium grade blends.

The greatest feature to their product other than the clean hot burn is the extremely low fines inside the bag. When pouring pellets into your stove you will notice how clean and compressed each and every pellet is. This is due to the "Energex Standard - We have developed the industry's most advanced quality control system to track and ensure product quality. We take every step of the process seriously - its the Energex Standard."

Energex Wood Pellets Exceed all premium certified test

The Pellet Fuel Institution (PFI) requires all pellets labeled as such to meet these requirements:

  • Pellet Durability - Great than 96.5
  • Fines - Less Than .50
  • Ash Content - Less Than 1%
  • Pellet Length - Less Than 1 inch 
  • Moisture Content Less than 8.0
  • BTU Value N/A

Energex Wood Testing

  • Ash Content - .5% - .7%
  • BTU Value (Heat Content) 8700
  • Fines - Less than .3
  • Moisture Content - 5.0 - 4.0
  • Pellet Length - 1/4" - 1"

We deliver these pellets through the state of Maine in 50 40lb bags.


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