Maine Woods Hardwood Mix Pellets

Maine Woods Hardwood Mix Pellets


Deliveries in Maine
$259.00 per ton delivered

Deliveries in NH 
  • Add $10.00 per ton for for 10 or more tons
  • Add $15.00 per ton for 6 or more tons
  • Add $25.00 per ton for 3 or more tons
  • Add $45.00 per ton for 2 tons

The BEST made in Maine wood pellets produced right in our home state! The majority of this product is made up of hardwood (primarily maple & yellow birch) while the remainder is a softwood (fir and pine). As we tell all our customers, the reason the product is produced with softwood is to allow the product to burn hotter and cleaner. If that was not the case then they would not put the softwood in the mix as it is more expensive to do so.

Hardwood mix pellets

Maine Woods Company every year is achieving new standards pushing the bar higher. The pellets being produced in Athens, Maine is getting better each and every year as they continue to grow and modernize their plant. In recent years Maine Woods Pellet Co. has put in a new high tech screener to filter out more fines than ever before. In 2016 they launched a new Biomass energy plant to produce a more consistent cost efficient pellet 365 days a year! 

Maine Woods pellets exceed all premium certified tests

The Pellet Fuel Institution (PFI) requires all pellets labeled as such to meet these requirements:

  • Pellet Durability – Greater than 96.5
  • Fines – Less than .50
  • Ash Content – less than 1%
  • Pellet Length – Less than 1 inch
  • Moisture Content Less than 8.0
  • BTU Value N/A

Maine Woods Testing

  • Ash Content – Less than 1%
  • BTU Value (Heat Content) 8400
  • Fines Less Than .50
  • Moisture Content – 5.0
  • Pellet Length – ¼” – 1”

We deliver these pellets through the state of Maine in 50 40lb bags.

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