Produced from 100% hardwood. Looking for a brick a little bigger in size? These are it!! Twice the size as our other bricks. These wood blocks work great for overnight burn! Fill your stove before bed and wake up in the morning with a few coals to keep the flame going for the next day!  1 Pallet will replace about 1 cord of firewood heat. Order today and have your winters heat stored and put away with out the dust, bugs or hassle in just minutes! 


For Deliveries in Maine

1 Pallet: $329.00 Delivered 

For Deliveries in New Hampshire
  • Add $10.00 per pallet for 10 or more pallets
  • Add $15.00 per pallet for 6 or more pallets
  • Add $25.00 per pallet for 3 or more pallets
  • Add $45.00 per pallet for 2 pallets

XBLOX are our biggest block that we carry. 6 bricks per package that give enough punch to keep your house warm for hours! 

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