Fiber Fuel Bricks


For Deliveries in Maine

309.00 per pallet delivered

For delivery in New Hampshire
  • Add $10 per pallet for 10 or more pallets
  • Add $15 per pallet for 6 or more pallets
  • Add $25 per pallet for 3 or more pallets
  • Add $45 per pallet for 2 pallets

Fiber Fuel Bricks

Sick and tired of going through the process of burning firewood every year? Check these out! These bricks are a great alternative to firewood. Delivered to you on pallets made up of 84 - 24-pound packages. Store the pallet in your garage, shed or basement and be done ‘spliting and stacking’ in minutes!

One pallet of Fiber Fuel Bricks replaces about 1 cord of firewood heat! Also, unlike wood, these bricks have a very low moisture content which allows the product to burn with very little ash and no creosote.

Fiber Fuel test results are very impressive

  • Finished Product Size – 5.5” (139.7mm) x 4” (101.6mm)
  • Finished Weight – 2 lbs Finished Product Shape – Rectangle Brick Contents – Pine Wood Shavings
  • Calorific Value – 8988 BTU’s/lb
  • Moisture – 6 to 8 %
  • Ash Content – less than 0.4 %

We deliver Fiber Fuel Bricks through the state of Maine on palletized 32lb packages. 1 pallet is equivalent to 1 ton.

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