Ol' Hick 100% Hickory Pellets


40 lb Bag: $29 delivered

Ol' Hick 100% Hickory Pellets

Ol Hick Hickory PelletsWhen you shop for hickory cooking pellets for your pellet grill, you want 100% hickory pellets. But, if you named most hickory pellets based on ingredients, you would get products like “5% Hickory Pellets” or “Oak Pellets With Artificial Hickory Flavor.” Don’t worry — rising from the Appalachian Backwoods comes the tastiest pure 100% hickory wood pellets out there.

We get that when you buy hickory smoking pellets, you want pellets actually made from hickory. That’s why we make Ol’ Hick with 100% Appalachian hickory — no added flavor, no extra fluff. Just a rich, smoky flavor that will have you coming back for seconds. After all, Ol’ Hick smoke ain’t no joke!

Uses of Ol' Hick Hickory Pellets

Use Ol’ Hick to cook chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and even dessert!. Anything that goes with added smoky flavor goes with Ol’ Hick.

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