Ol' Hick Apple Pellets


40 lb Bag: $29 delivered


Ol Hick Apple PelletsStraight from the orchard, Ol’ Hick Apple cooking pellets are 100 percent applewood. They come in thick, tear-resistant bags that will hold up all grilling season. However, the highlight of our product is that they’re made from 100 percent apple trees. We sourced` them from a farm in Adams County — where more than half of PA apples are grown. The trees were cut, chipped, and processed into pellets in just days.

Adams County is the premiere spot for apples on the East Coast. These farms are located in the South Mountain Fruit Belt between Fairfield and York Springs in Pennsylvania. This area has many conditions that help apples thrive. These farms avoid springtime frosts that can ruin apples since the cold air sinks into lower levels of the county while avoiding the elevated orchards.

The area also has excellent soil. It’s deep compared to other regions, too, because of millions of years of mountain erosion. The eroded soil can hold water for a long period of time, making it perfect to grow apple trees. Adams County also gets more hours of sunshine than other spots in Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh and State College. The combination lends itself to continued apple tree growth.

How to Use Apple Wood Pellets

Anything that goes with added smoky flavor goes with Ol’ Hick.You can use Ol’ Hick Apple barbecue pellets to enhance the flavor of your food. The apple component offers a lighter, sweeter smoke than flavors such as hickory, oak or mesquite. This pairs well with food such as chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, and desserts. Whenever you’re grilling and you want a sweeter but still smokey taste, Ol’ Hick Apple BBQ pellets are the way to go.

Our pellets are not just for grilling, either. You can use our 100 percent apple wood pellets for smoking, barbecuing, baking, roasting, and braising. Ol’ Hick Apple pellets are a perfect all-around pellet for all you pellet grilling needs.

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