Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Pellets


20 lb Bag: $19 delivered

Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Pellets

Ol Hick Wiskey Barrel PelletsOur Jim Beam bourbon barrel BBQ pellets elicit a smooth taste just like Jim Beam bourbon. These cooking pellets are 100 percent all-natural oak, including the Jim Beam barrels, with no artificial flavors that mask the true flavor. These bourbon barrel pellets also come in a thick, tear-resistant bag that will keep your pellets safe until it’s time to get cooking.

The hallmark of these pellets, though, is that they’re made from actual Jim Beam bourbon barrels. Not just a small percentage of Jim Beam barrels go into these pellets, a large percentage goes into them. The barrels come to us directly from Kentucky and straight to our facility. The dark spots in your pellets are just the char from the inside of the bourbon barrels, creating authentic bourbon barrel barbecue pellets.

Cooking with bourbon BBQ pellets on your pellet stove is also an easy way to bring out the taste of your meat while infusing it with the natural flavors of Jim Beam bourbon barrels. Open a bag yourself and discover the bourbon aroma.

Uses of Wiskey Barrel Pellets

The smooth finish of our Jim Beam BBQ pellets has more uses than just grilling, too. Turn your wood pellet grill down to a lower temperature to smoke your meat low and slow on your pellet smoker. You no longer have to worry about the mess or clean up time involved in charcoal or wood chips.

You can grill, smoke, barbecue, bake, roast or braise your food to perfection. The smoky and smooth flavors of bourbon fuse well with beef, chicken, pork, seafood, desserts, and anything else you could think of. 

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