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North Country Softwood Pellets

North Country Softwood Pellets


Available on request

A sister product to the La Crete wood pellets, the North Country wood pellets have created a great reputation for burning hot and clean. Labeled as super premium softwood these pellets are produced in British Columbia Canada. North Country wood pellets are most commonly known for their cleanliness as well as hotter heat than most other products. If you are cleaning your stove more often than what you’d like you should try burning some of these! This product is made with 100% spruce with no additives or fillers.

North Country pelletsNorth Country Pellets are labeled as a super premium wood pellet.

Super Premium Standards

To be considered a Super Premium product the pellet has to meet certain test requirements.

  • Pellet Durability - Greater than 96.5
  • Fines – Less than .50
  • Ash Content – less than  .5%
  • Pellet Length - Less than 1 inch
  • Moisture Content Less than 8.0
  • BTU Value N/A

North Country Wood Pellets

  • Ash Content – 0.3%
  • BTU Value (Heat Content) – 8,878
  • Fines – Less than .50
  • Moisture Content - 4.32
  • Pellet Length – ¼” – 1”

We deliver these pellets through the state of Maine in 60 40lb bags (Metric Ton) or 50 40lb bags if requested.

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