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About Wood Pellets

When it comes to choosing your pellet brand be sure that the product is premium certified (PFI Certified). The Pellet Fuel Institute is a third party that creates specifications and standards in which pellets must meet through a series of ongoing test in order to be labeled as such. Wood Pellet Warehouse does not, and will not carry anything less than premium certified products.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

With wood pellets, most people believe they need to burn hardwood pellets just like a wood stove. This is simply a myth. You can burn BOTH hardwood and/or softwoods in your pellet stove. Why? Unlike firewood, wood pellets have been dried and completely reduced of any moisture. All of our products have a moisture content of 3% to 10% where seasoned cordwood is around 20%. This is what allows either hardwoods or softwoods to burn at its best.

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